Jahn Library for African Literatures

at the Department of Anthropology and African Studies

The Jahn Library for African Literatures holds a unique collection of literary works in more than eighty languages, including the former colonial languages as well as a great number of African languages. Apart from the classics of the various African literary traditions, the collection also comprises contemporary works by internationally renowned African writers as well as less well known, locally produced literature, translations, comics, film adaptations, and audiobooks. The collection is complemented by critical works and scholarly journals. The Jahn Library is one of the earliest and most comprehensive research facilities for African literatures in Europe and beyond.

Every few years, the Jahn Library organises an International Janheinz Jahn Symposium, focusing on a central issue in African literary studies. These symposia are meant to provide a platform for international scholars of African literatures and to enhance dialogue between them. Guests and speakers regularly include African writers. Irregularly, the library also organises readings featuring African writers.